Tattooing at True Grit

Here at True Grit Tattoo Studio we constantly push ourselves to improve our tattooing. We research new designs and techniques to help deliver to you the best service possible.

At True Grit Tattoo Studio we know the importance of choosing the right tattoo. We will work with you to make that choice. Designing the right tattoo takes time. If you would like a custom tattoo, please bring us your ideas and inspiration. Only by fully understanding what you need, can we help you make the right choice.

We can show you our extensive portfolio to help with your decision, or you may already know exactly what you would like. Either way, we want to make sure you are happy with your tattoo for years to come.

Have a look at our galleries, or see our latest tattoos on Facebook or Twitter.

Better still, why not come into the studio for a chat to discuss your ideas.

True Grit Tattoo Studio Derby | Tattooing

batmanDo you have some old tattoos you are not happy with?

Why not pop in the studio and have a chat with one of our tattooists about getting it reworked or totally covered?

We have examples of past cover-ups and reworks we have done in our studio portfolios.


New ranges coming soon

Ladies t-shirtsOur merchandising includes men and womens t-shirts. Freshly printed, by our own hands, they are £12 each.

Some of our range of t-shirtsWe also have a great range of men’s t-shirts – £12 each.



Why notT-shirts ready to go! get ‘his and hers’ t-shirts – all our t-shirts are two for £20.

At True Grit we do a lot of drawing, and painting with water colour, oils and acrylics, in addition to screen printing.

Sometimes these little bits of magic are for sale, so keep a look out!